Cosy Grips
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Cosy Grips

Keep the duvet on the bed!

Cosy Grips, sometimes called duvet grippers or duvet clips, keep the duvet / quilt on the bed!

1) The Cosy Grips should be positioned towards the foot end of the bed, one on each side.
2) Lift the end of the mattress and support with pillows or similar.  Feed the elastic strap under the mattress until the fasteners protrude equally on each side, then remove pillow/support.
3) Free a little of the duvet cover on side edge and place between tongue and support.
4) Push the cover fabric right through the opening in the support, by bending and pushing from behind with thumb or fingers.
5) Ensure tongue and fabric pass right through opening until top of tongue springs up on the other side of support.

Cosy Grips

please select the size you require

Single Bed
Double / King Bed
  • Simply and quickly fitted under the mattress.

  • Fabric friendly fasteners on each side of the bed.

  • No tools required.

  • Suitable for adults, children, elderly and disabled.

  • Available in two sizes: Single or double/king.

Cosy Grips keep your quilt on the bed




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